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0,00 HUF
Item Nr. 2648
Name Naomi
Energy conservationCan be used only with energy-saving lightsource
Technical details of the fixtureGU10 4X MAX 15W
IP protection
  • IP20
Technical details of the included light source LED 5W 400lm 3000K
Energy saving light source includedyes
Can be used with energy saving light sourceyes
widht (mm)350
height (mm)350
distance from the ceiling (mm)1200
FinishingCan be used only with energy-saving lightsource
EAN code5998250326481
Custom code9405109890
Net weight (kg)1,2
Spare glass Nr.19591
Country of origin
  • China
Material of lampmetal
Material of shadeglass


2255.png Naomi Item Nr.2255
2256.png Naomi Item Nr.2256
2257.png Naomi Item Nr.2257
2252.png Naomi Item Nr.2252
2254.png Naomi Item Nr.2254
2518.png Naomi Item Nr.2518
2253.png Naomi Item Nr.2253
2641-1.png Naomi Item Nr.2641
2642-1.png Naomi Item Nr.2642
2643-1.png Naomi Item Nr.2643
2644-1.png Naomi Item Nr.2644
2645-1.png Naomi Item Nr.2645
2646-1.png Naomi Item Nr.2646
2511-2.png Naomi Item Nr.2511
2647.png Naomi Item Nr.2647
2512.png Naomi Item Nr.2512
2513-2.png Naomi Item Nr.2513
2514-2.png Naomi Item Nr.2514
2517.png Naomi Item Nr.2517

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