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Catalog 2019-2020

The new Rábalux 2019-2020 catalog is published! The catalog has expanded with 295 new products, so every style lover finds their favorite one. Find the Rábalux lamp that fits in your home!

Lightsources brochure 2018-2019

The new Lightsources brochure is published!  It helps to better understand the lightsources categories. From the brochure you could find out which bulb you save money or protect our environment, and what type of lightsource you should use for your Rabalux lamp.

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WHAT DO DIFFERENT SIGNS ON THE PACKAGING OF LIGHTSOURCES INDICATE? - What indicate the lumen? What refer to the colour temperature of the light? We help to interpret you the contained information in the packaging!

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SAVINGS CALCULATOR - Do you want to save money? Our savings calculator shows comparisons of the consumption of different light sources and tells you what this means to your electricity bill.

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LIGHT INTENSITY CALCULATOR - Plan your home lighting! Using our calculator you can estimate what strength lighting the experts recommend to ensure perfect lighting for the given room.

874/2012/EU Regulation - download energy labels

874/2012/EU Regulation - download energy labels

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As the expert in home lighting, besides offering a wide range of lamps and light sources we can help our customers choose exactly the right product using different filters. Our brand site has been designed to have an easy overview of our total product range from classical chandeliers right through to modern lamps fitted with energy-saving LEDs. The user-friendly functions make selecting even the most modern LED lamps extremely simple.

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