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The illumination of rooms with different functions requires different light intensity, the necessary lighting will be calculated, at your option, either on the basis of an average or a recommended rate. For the average height of the rooms 2.6 m is considered by the calculator. The most frequent standard rates (lux) for the indoor artificial lighting will be calculated by the calculator in accordance with the norm MSZ 6240.

Correction coefficients considered by the calculator:

  • Ageing:

Ageing must be taken into consideration already for the design of lighting. The initial luminous flux of the lighting equipment will be gradually diminished by the reduction of the luminous flux and the lamp becoming dirty. This should be corrected by the ageing coefficient. The ageing is specified for the whole expected lifetime of the luminous source.

  • Reflection of light:

The correction of the reflection by the walls is very complex due to the surface roughness, the built-in furniture, the form and color of the machines.